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Jonas Brothers 3D

Sooo omg Jonas Brothers in 3D what more can we possiblyy ask for seriously?? hahaa well basically they are making a 3D version of their Burning Up Tour for those fans who wernt fortunate enough too goo. But it will be a great experience it will feel like if you had front rows seat all the excitement that comes with the real thingg. Well i recommend you watch it enjoy (: ❤jonas-brothers-3d-movie-concert-poster-21


5 Responses

  1. Well i see you like to speak or write in english, well thats fine, but unfortunately not everyone speaks english so, it’s kind of a bad idea. Believe me, i tryied before.

  2. It might appeal to a market we are not exploring, so I’m cool with it. As long as you keep posting things about trendy topics, such as the Jonas Bros I think you’re fine. I gues…

  3. whyy? does this like only show to people in mexicoo??

  4. no, but since it is a spanish blog its more likely to appeal to spanish speakers, but maybe JC is right and it can increase our “fanbase” with english speakers

  5. haha okayy

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