Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Naked in Bed (Not Really)



 Here's proof that it's a fake photo

Here's proof that it's a fake photo

According to Fernanda Heber he wasn’t with Kristin but with her and the alleged photo was just someone who knows how to use photoshop really well. Thank God this is true i mean ¿Kristin? Rpattz you can do better. Hopefully they thing about Paris Hilton isnt true..

Be sure to keep checking my updates on Rpattz relationship status ❤


4 Responses

  1. claro que estbaa conmigo
    de echo ahorita tambien 😉

  2. ahahaa si fer obvio !

  3. the second one is not BELLA!!!

  4. yeaa the second one is not her that’s why were saying that it’s fake because they just photoshopped the face out of the bottom one and fixed it to make it look like the top one so the top one is fake the one where she is supposively in bed with Kristen Stewart

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