The Joe Jonas Workout

Holaa gentee estava viendo una pagina en inter, y entonces encontr un artículo de uno de los
Jhonas Brothers, y como a mucha gente le gustan, pues pensé ponerlo en el blog
por si a alguien le interesa… saludos…

If you think Joe Jonas wakes up looking buff every morning, you’re mistaken. It takes lots of work for him to keep those biceps looking solid!

Joe’s an exercise addict, especially on the road. He makes sure he works out before every show (talk about dedication!) and does it with one of their security guys, who he calls “The Commish.” Joe says:

“He’s really ripped and in very good condition. I like to go running, so he usually goes with me and always pushes me to the limit.”

To stay in top shape for his shows, Joe also lifts weights. He says working out before a show gets him pumped for the performance — if you’ve ever seen the Jonas Brothers in concert, you know it works. Their shows are as high energy as it gets!



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  1. ayyy sii soy angieee y fui a ver a los jonas brothers en 3D!!..subo articulos sobre uno de ellos!! pero no me gustan eeehhh


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