Twilight madnesss is going a little to far !! 13 year old boy bites people

A McCombs Middle School student may be taking the hit movie and book “Twilight” too seriously.

Ummm, okay, the Twilight madness is beginning to go too far!

A 13-year-old boy at a school in Des Moines bit 11 students!!!

When authorities got in touch with the boy’s father, he explained that his son never intended to hurt anyone and had just been inspired byTwilight.

The kid will be referred to juvenile corrections.


Ok so when i read this i was like seriously? Like there is one thing to like twilight and Rpattz and everything the whole girl crazyy madness is fine. But seriously biting people? yeah i think this calls for serious problems. I agree now that the twilight madness has gone a little to far !!



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